Fees and Forms

2017 Club Membership Fees:

MID YEAR SPECIAL – Fees from 01 July 2017

Full Membership (R120 licence included)                         R 295

Spouse of Full Members (R 120 licence included)        R 245

Development Membership (R120 licence included)  R 145

Student Membership (R 70 licence included)                 R 155

Junior Membership (R 70 licence included)                     R 155

Country Membership (R 120 licence included)             R 195

Social Membership (no licence)                                               R 125


Banking Details:

Bank: Standard Bank

Branch: 045426

Account: 053105664


To register with Chiltern Athletic Club click on the link below:


Click on the “Register Now!” tab if you have never registered with ASA and this it is your first time to register as a runner and fill in the details. Select Chiltern Athletic Club as your club!

Click on the “Login” tab if you have previously registered with ASA. Update your details and select Chiltern Athletic Club as your club!

We will receive a notification that you have completed the registration process. On receipt of your club membership fees your license number will be issued.

The 2017 process for registration has been complicated slightly by the new ASA requirements. A hard copy of their Registration Form is required to be kept on record at the club for a prescribed period. Forms will be available at the club or you can download the form from this link: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B3RrlGjCKm3uWkpza0FJRWZqczQ

On completing the form you can drop if off at the club or email it to chiltern.athletics@iafrica.com.


Chiltern Athletic Club